T he secret of growing camellias is planting high. Camellia roots need oxygen and there's no faster way to kill a new plant than to cut off its supply. Planting high is the key to success!

For more information consult Using Gibberellic Acid to Enhance Blooms.

  • Select a dry spot in light to medium shade

  • Dig hole wider and slightly deeper then container

  • Position plant 3-4 inches above grade

  • Apply Holly-Tone Organic fertilizer. For 2 and 3 gallon size plants, apply 1 to 2 cups around the rootball before backfilling the soil. Holly-tone is available at the nursery and other garden centers.

  • Do not cover top of root ball with soil

  • Apply mulch so that soil doesn't erode from root ball

  • Keep well-watered the first year

  • Spray if needed for occasional pests and scale