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Tama Loch Laurel
C. japonica 'Tama Loch Laurel'
Where our Camellias are always in bloom!
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Loch Laurel Nursery is a unique Speciality Camellia Nursery
Usually having about 200 different varieties in stock

Enjoy a visit to Loch Laurel Nursery from the comfort of your home

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Meredith_Green-2727 Tour the Shade House
The customer who just wants to go into the shade house and see what is available - separated by Species
Pops_Perfection-2755 Camellia Search Feature - Search for Variety by Name
The customer who knows exactly what they want - a specific camellia variety
Pops_Perfection-2755 Camellia Search Feature - Search for Varieties by Characteristics
The customer who knows generally what they want - stamens or no stamens or both, color of bloom and size of bloom